What is a Civil Funeral Ceremony?

A Civil Funeral Ceremony is for anyone, whatever beliefs they held, if any. There is no set format for a civil funeral. Each ceremony is unique - as unique as the person who has died; as unique as the life they lived. It is a ceremony created especially for them.

It is a highly personal ceremony. What's more, because you oversee the creation of it, a Civil Funeral Ceremony can be everything you want it to be.

How is the Civil Funeral ceremony created?

The funeral ceremony is created by you in partnership with your local Civil Funeral Celebrant, who will liaise throughout with your funeral director. Your celebrant will come to see you and together you can talk about how you want the ceremony to be. He or she will fully understand that you are in unfamiliar territory.

You may want to play special music, sing a hymn or a song, and include readings and poetry. You may or may not want a prayer or two. At the heart of the ceremony will probably be a tribute or eulogy which reflects the life of the person who has died.

Your celebrant will be able to advise and guide you; interpret your wishes and make all sorts of practical suggestions about content and structure. You may want your celebrant to write the tribute or you may wish to do this yourself. There may also be other people who would like to be involved. You can lead parts of the funeral ceremony yourself, or you can hand over completely to your celebrant.

However much you want to do or leave to the celebrant, you remain in control of the process. Your celebrant will work tirelessly to make the occasion exactly how you want it.

What kind of funeral do you want?

You are doubtless facing many difficult decisions at this time. Apart from the fundamental choice of a burial or cremation, and deciding where the funeral should be held, you are probably also considering what kind of funeral to have. With so much to think about and do, it's easy to forget that you do have a choice.

Take some time to consider what you really want. The funeral ceremony is your precious gift to the person who has died. It is a time to celebrate their life and say a last goodbye to them with dignity and love.

If the person who has died did not regularly attend a place of worship, and either had their own spiritual beliefs, or none at all, you may well feel uncomfortable with the idea of a full religious funeral ceremony. If this is how you feel, there are other choices open to you. There is no legal requirement for a funeral to be conducted by a religious minister

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This was the story of my husband's life, the music he enjoyed and the people he loved... there was no religion but it was reverent and lovely. All those who came said it was a lovely funeral. Please also pass on my sincere thanks to your wonderful wife, Mavis. She did a wonderful job and I have received several letters and phone calls saying how lovely the service was. I think I can truly say this is one of the loveliest funerals I have attended.